Start Your New Blog on WordPress – Detailed How to Guide (Updated 2019)

If you are reading this Article, I reckon you are fairly new to blogging. Keeping that in mind, I will try to keep things nice and simple. I highly recommend you Guys to First Go through these Articles :

What is Blogging? AND How to Choose a Good Blog Topic?

We can’t even think about Starting a blog if we don’t have basic Idea of Blogging. Also, it is extremely important to Select a Profitable Blogging Niche. Once you have Done that, we can start thinking about Creating a Blog in WordPress.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) with a simple interface. I highly recommend you to Study this ” DETAILED WORDPRESS TUTORIAL” Before moving on.

How to Start a WordPress Blog (Updated 2019)

In order to Start a self-hosted WordPress blog, two things are extremely important :

  • Domain Name (Name of the Website)
  • Website Hosting (Space to Keep your Website Files)

You might have noticed that I used the word self-hosted above. Self-hosted website means that you are not using Free Blog service like,,, etc. Self-hosted websites have a custom name and additional features. While Free blog services are limited. For example – If you are creating a free blog on your website name will look like – However, in the case of self-hosted websites, you can easily use custom names like Hope you got what I am trying to explain.

#1 Choosing Perfect Name for your Blog

Alright then, let’s now find out who to get the website name of your choice. The Name of Website is commonly known as Domain Name. There are numerous providers from where you can purchase the domain name of your choice. There are various extensions (.com, .org, .net etc.) to choose from. Before purchasing a domain name, make sure that :

  • Domain Name is Short & Simple
  • The domain name is easy to remember

I know that finding the perfect domain name can be tricky. You can use any of the  Domain Name Generator Tools mentioned below:

  1. Lean Domain Search
  2. Instant Domain Search
  3. Business Name Generator by Shopify

#2 Purchasing Domain Name

Once you have identified the name for your website, you need to purchase it using. There are various domain Registrars available online. Few Good Ones are:


Visit any one of these websites and purchase the domain name. Do remember the credentials (Username and password) as they will be needed later on. The Process of Buying  a Domain name is extremely simple :

  1. Visit the Provider’s Website
  2. Use the Search Box to look for the Domain Name you are interested in
  3. If Available, Add the item to the cart,  provide your details and make payment
  4. That Particular Domain Name will then be Added to your Account.

#3 Buying Hosting (Web Space) for your Website

Once you have bought domain name the next Step is to Get Website Hosting i.e. Space Required to Keep files of your Website. There are multiple types of hosting solutions available according to website type. As you are just starting, I recommend you to purchase the Starter Pack (Usually the very first hosting plan available). Here are the Top Cheap and Good Hosting  Solution Providers (For New Websites):

  • Hostinger
  • Godaddy
  • Inmotion
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator

The Process of purchasing web Hosting is very simple :

  • Visit the Provider’s Portal
  • Go to the Hosting Section and Select your Plan (As you just Starting, I recommend choosing the basic plan)
  • The Enter your Email ID and Other Required Information to Create Account and Make Payment
  • Once Payment is done, you can log in to your account and see your purchased hosting details

#4 Connecting Domain Name and Hosting

Alright! Now we have both things ready i.e. Domain Name & Web Hosting. The Most important step now is to Install WordPress on your Web Hosting. Before we do that, you need to connect Domain & Hosting. This is usually done by entering the nameservers. Let me explain it in a simple manner –

Whenever we type any website name in the browser and hit the Enter button, the browser goes to the IP Address of Server where the files of that Website are hosted and presents us the information. (More information HERE) So, Basically, for a website to work the connection between a domain name and web hosting is important. Let’s now find out how to connect Domain name and Web Hosting :

  • Login into your Domain Name Provider’s Website
  • Once Logged in, Go to “DNS” Section

Starting wordpress Blog - DNS Management

  • There you will see the “Nameservers” Section.
  • Before you could enter anything in this section, you need to Login to your Web Hosting Account or Look for an email sent by the hosting company regarding the nameservers.
  • Once you know the nameservers, enter them in the “Nameservers” section at Domain Name Provider’s Website

Starting WordPress Blog - Nameservers

  • Hit “Save” for Changes to Take Effect

Once you have Entered the nameservers, you will have to wait for some time. Maximum Propagation time is 48 hours but usually, propagation is done within 30 minutes. To ensure if your Domain name is propagating to the correct IP Address, you can use the Domain Propagation Tool. Make sure that the Propagation IP is correct (You can Find your Web Hosting IP by Logging in the Hosting Account)

Starting a New WordPress Blog – Detailed Guide 2019

#5 Installing WordPress on your Web Hosting

WordPress ( at a Free Content Management System (CMS). It is the most popular and easy to use the software. In order to use it, we need to First Install it to our Web Hosting. Here is the Process of Installing WordPress :

To Make Sure that Installation Process goes smoothly, here are some recommendations:

  1. Make Sure that you have already Set your Domain Name as Primary Domain or Addon Domain.
  2. Keep the “Directory” Section Empty (unless you want your website to look like –
  3. Enter Strong Password and Unique Username. Do not create Easy to Guess Username and Passwords like “admin”, “administrator” etc.
  4. Do not mess with Advanced Settings, keep the “Automatically manage advanced settings for me” section checked

Here is the Installation Process :

  • First of All, Login to your Web Hosting Account
  • Then, you need to Navigate to the “Cpanel” Section

  • In the Cpanel Dashboard,  Go to Either “Web Applications Section” or “Installatron Application Installer” (Depending on the Hosting  Provider’s Interface)
  • From there, you need to Select WordPress.

  • Now, Click on “Install this Application” to Continue

  • This Opens up Another Page where you need to Select the Website Name, Specify username and Password and other settings
  • Once you have entered every information correctly, Click on “Install” to Start the Installation of WordPress
  • Once Installed, you can now manage your Blog using WordPress.

As WordPress is Installed Now, you can now start Working on your Blog. If you are totally new to WordPress, I highly recommend you to read the “Detailed WordPress Tutorial for Newbies” Article.

I hope this Article helps you to Start New Blog on WordPress. I am sure that you might have doubts or questions or if you are a professional you might want something to add. Fee Free to Write your comment and let me know. I will surely reply to your queries.


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