8 “Must have” Free Plugins to Install on your New WordPress Site

Alright, so you have just started your New WordPress Site. Before you actually start putting content, you will have to first make your site ready. It requires changing a few settings, adding new themes and Plugins. In this Article, we are particularly discussing WordPress Plugins that should be installed Right away after WordPress Installation.

What are Plugins in WordPress?

A WordPress Plugin is a package that contains code to perform a certain action. Plugins usually enhance existing features or add new features on WordPress. There are thousands of Free Plugins on the WordPress repository. Also, there are various paid plugins that can be purchased and added to your WordPress Website.

Top Plugins to Add to your New WordPress Site

Once you have installed WordPress, I highly recommend to Install Few plugins that will surely help. Here is the List of these Top 7 Such Free Plugins:

1. Rank Math SEO – To Optimize On Page SEO, you should install a good plugin. Most of the People Prefer “Yoast SEO” or “All in One SEO Pack” plugins. But I have found the “Rank Math SEO” plugin better than these two. So, I highly recommend to Install Rank Math SEO Plugin. In your WordPress Dashboard, Go to plugins and then click on “Add New”. Now, in the Search box Type, “Rank Math SEO”. Click on “Install Now” to Install the Plugin.

rank math

  • After Installation is Complete, Click on “Activate” to Activate the Plugin.

  • Once Activated, you will see a link to this plugin in the dashboard.

  • You can Access all features of this Plugin by clicking on the “Rank Math” Link.

2. Akismet Anti-Spam: As you will spend more time on your blog, you will realize that spam comments are a big problem. You will see malicious & Adult links that are not relevant to your blog. You should ensure that such comments are deleted asap. To speed up the process, you should Install “Akismet Anti-Spam” Plugin. Go to Plugins>> Add New. Then type, “Akismet”. The First Result will be our desired plugin. Click on  “Install Now”.

  • Once Installed, Click on “Activate”.

  • Please Note Down that the plugin won’t start functioning simply by clicking on the “Activate” link. You need to grab the license key. To do so, Go to “Settings”>>”Akismet Antispam Plugin”

  • Click on “Get your API Key” and Follow the Instructions to obtain the key. Once you have entered the key, Spam Filtering process will start and all spam comments will be identified and removed automatically.

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3. Insert Headers and Footers: There are times when you are asked to Enter a few lines of code to the Header or Footer section of your website. Common Examples of this are :  Google Analytics Tracking Code, Google Adsense Code (For Approval), Google Webmasters Verification code, etc. In such scenarios rather than messing with WordPress files, you should Install the “Insert Headers and Footers” Plugin. This will make the entire process easier.

  • Go to Plugins>>Add New. Type “Insert Headers and Footers”
  • Click on the First Link to install the Plugin

insert header and footer

  • Once Installed, Click on “Activate” to Activate the Plugin
  • Now, In your WordPress Dashboard, Go to “Settings” & Then Click on “Insert Headers and Footers”

  • Now, Add the desired code in the Header or Footer Section

4. Easy Table of Contents: As you know, Articles can get lengthy sometimes. To make it easier for the viewers to read the Article, it is recommended to make the navigation easy. Although this can be done manually, it consumes lots of time. That’s why I recommend you to install a plugin called: “Easy Table of Contents”. Using this Plugin you can Add a Table of Contents section to the Top or Bottom of the page.

  • Go to Plugins>>Add New
  • Type “Easy Table of Contents” in Search Box
  • Click on “Install Now” link on First Result

  • Once Installed, Click on “Activate”  to Activate the Plugin

  • Before you could use this plugin, make sure you configure it properly. Go to Settings>>Table of Contents

toc setting


  • Now you can configure the plugin according to your requirements

I Recommend Following Settings :

  • Enable Support –  Check “Posts”
  • Auto Insert – Check “Posts”
  • Position – Select “Top”
  • Show When – 2 or More headings are Present

You can select remaining settings as per the requirements.

5. W3 Total Cache: Who likes a Slow website? No one Does. That’s why it is important to set up a plugin for Website Performance Optimization. W3 Total Cache is a free solution to enhance website speed and set up various other options. Installation & Activation Process is the same as any other plugin.

To make the full use of this plugin, you are advised to Configure the Plugin Correctly. CLICK HERE for Ideal Settings.

6. Wordfence Security: Just like you Install Antivirus or Similar security tools on your Phones or Computers, you should install security plugin to your WordPress too. Due to Certain vulnerabilities, hackers can get access to website data. That’s why I highly recommend every WordPress user to Install the “Wordfence Security” Plugin.

  • Go to Plugins>>Add New and Type – “Wordfence”. Click on “Install now” Link on the First Link. Once Installed, Click on “Activate” to Activate the Plugin

  • Enter your Email ID to Start using the Plugin

7.UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin: We put so much effort into writing every single article on our websites. What if All our Data gets deleted due to any server-side problem? What if you accidentally deleted some important article?. That’s why I highly recommend to Install a Backup & Restore plugin. I prefer “UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin” for this purpose. It Allows you to Back up your data. When required, you can easily restore the backed up data.


  • Once you Activate this Plugin, Go to Settings>>Updraftplus Backups to Access the Plugin Settings
  • You can back the data to multiple locations like Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc.
  • Note: In the “Settings” Section of the Plugin, you can specify which files or folders should be backed up, default back up location and various other settings.

8. TablePress: You can Directly copy tables from MS Word File to your WordPress Post. That’s very simple. But the main problem is the viewability. Normally such tables are not responsive and don’t look pleasing to the eyes. That’s why you should “Tablepress” Plugin. This Plugin Makes the tables responsive. Also, user can Sort the Data according to his/her convenience.

Tablepress WordPress Plugin

  • Once you have installed and Activated the Plugin, Click on “Tablepress” Section in your WordPress Dashboard.

  • This will take you to the Tablepress Plugin Dashboard. From there you can Add New Tables & Manage Existing Tables


Click Here


Here is the List of the Plugins that you Should Add to your New WordPress Blog Immediately :

Plugin NameLink
Rank Math SEO Click Here
Akismet Anti-SpamClick Here
Insert Headers and FootersClick Here
Easy Table of ContentsClick Here
W3 Total CacheClick Here
Wordfence SecurityClick Here
UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup PluginClick Here
TablePressClick Here

I hope that this Article Helped you to Find out the Plugins that you need to Install to your New WordPress Blog. As you are Just Starting out, I am sure you will have doubts & queries. If you are a Professional, you might want to Add something. Feel Free to Write your Thoughts in the Comments Section Below. I will try to entertain every query personally.


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