What is Blogging & How to Do it the Right Way?

The Web is a great medium to share your thoughts with others. We all do it every day on social media, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Apart from social media, there are various other channels to connect with others. Blogs are one of them. Today we are answering a common question asked these days – What is blogging?

Although “Blogging” is a Common Term these days, very few people actually know what it means.

Here is the Official Definition of “Blog” as per the Oxford Dictionary:

A regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

As per Oxford Dictionary, the Term, “Blog” Originated in 1990 from the Word, “Weblog”. Weblogs were kind of Online personal diaries that people used to maintain. There we no commercial intentions at all. With Time, Weblog changed to Blog and people started to create blogs on different topics. This gave birth to the term “Blogging”.

Justin Hall, the Creator of First blog, links.net is referred to as Founding Father of Personal Bloggers. If you are interested in understanding the History of Blogging, Here is a Great Article at Blogging.com.

If you are Still Confused about what blogging is? Let me explain it to you in simple Language.

A Blog is a type of website where the author keeps together his writings (Posts or Entries) in reverse or chronological order. This means that most recently published entry will be visible at the top and the older ones below that. A Blog is a collection or Entries (Posts, Articles) that are usually written by one person. These entries can contain videos, images, Text, etc.

Usually, people create blogs to write on a particular topic but it is not necessary. Nowadays, you may find blogs where you can get information regarding various issues.

I hope you now know what a blog is. Now let’s find out what is blogging and who is a blogger?

What is Blogging?

The Art of Maintaining a blog is blogging. It might seem simple, but it is not. It takes tremendous time and knowledge to maintain a blog efficiently.

Who is a blogger?


The Individual who is behind the creation and maintenance of a blog is known as Blogger.

I am sure that you will be thinking: “Blogging seems quite simple. Why there is much hype about Blogging then?”

Blogging is not as simple as it seems. It involves multiple steps and to be a successful blogger, you should master each and every step. Before we discuss these Steps, let me first ensure that you totally understand the term “Blogging.”

The Process of Creating and Maintaining a blog is Blogging. A Blog is a type of website where the author (Blogger) publishes his Posts (Writings or Entries). These entries usually contain Text, Video, Images, Links to other Blogs, etc. Often, you find Posts in a blog related to a particular topic.

For example, On a Photography Blog, you will see various Entries related to Photography. The most recent entry of the Blog will be visible at the Top. These entries may contain Text, photographs & even videos. Similarly, Depending on what your interest is, you can create a blog and Write posts related to the Main Topic.

How to Do Blogging the Right Way?

blogging right way

Creating a blog takes only a few minutes. But to be successful in blogging, you should not hurry. As I mentioned before, one must follow a few steps before you actually start blogging. Start by asking a few questions from yourself:

  • Why am I trying to enter the Field of Blogging? Is it Money or my passion?
  • Do I have something valuable or interesting to share that others might like?

I am pretty sure that the Primary Goal of most of “wannabe bloggers” is Money. There is nothing wrong with it. But thinking only about earning somewhat reduces your productivity. Also, you might hit Blogger Block. That’s why I always recommend people to keep the earning aspect secondary. Then what should be your Primary Goal?

After Entering in the Blogging World, your Primary Focus should be on providing valuable, unique and exciting content. Your Passion should Drive you. If you get success in this, Earning will follow.

I am pretty sure that you have seen people who have been hugely successful in their blogging journey. The biggest mistake people do is that they blindly start following such people. They try to find what exactly such a person does and try to come up with a similar solution. Trust me, Ultimately this strategy is going to fail, and you will realize this after wasting your valuable time.

Important Tips to Blogging Newbies

what is blogging ? tips for newbies

I still remember the time when I was planning to move into the Blogging Field. I did try a few Jobs in Digital Marketing, but I wasn’t satisfied. I used to think that I am not paid enough. I did some research on my own and found that even if I continue working hard, my income will never reach my expectations.

I was almost leaving the Digital Marketing Field, but then I met a Friend who introduced me to blogging. After that there was no turning back, I read the blogs of Top Influencers, watched youtube videos and finally created few successful blogs.

From my personal experience, I want to Share a few essential tips that will be helpful to Newbie Bloggers:

✅Always Spend Time in Planning: Before the Execution, spend quality time in planning. Do as much as research you can. Before starting a blog, you should know whether the time you are going to dedicate will be worth it or not. Without planning, you will find yourself in situations when after spending your valuable time you will realize that you shouldn’t have done that.

✅Don’t Simply Copy the Ideas of Others: Blogging is all about Ideas. The unique idea you have, the more chances of success are there. Rather than following others blindly, come up with a well-researched topic of your own.

✅Let your Passion Drive You: A successful blogger needs to write a lot. And writing requires experience and expertize. You can’t merely explain the features of a car that you haven’t driven. So, make sure that you are passionate about the Topic that you have selected. This will make sure that you never run out of Topics. Also, with your expertize, you can connect with your audience in a better way.

✅Don’t Expect Huge Success Immediately: Hard work always results in success, no doubt in that. However, sometimes (or Most of the times) it may take a longer time. Talk to any established blogger, you will always get this advice – “Have Patience!”. Patience is the key, My Friend. Don’t expect immediate recognition, immediate earning, just keep doing your Stuff. Slowly but surely you will see results.

✅Overconfidence will Destroy you in Blogging: Sometimes you might see fruitful results very early. That is the moment when you should push your limits. But in most of the cases, bloggers get overconfident. They think that they have some unique skills that no one other has. Such thinking should never strike in your mind. Always consider yourself as a learner. I have seen many promising bloggers (including me), ruining their well-established blogs due to overconfidence.

✅Stay Updated: Blogging is not like Mathematics. The Formulas change here frequently. You should keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings in this field. Read the blogs of successful bloggers. Follow them on Social Media. Read a lot of books related to blogging and Digital Marketing

Throughout my blog, I will be sharing various techniques that will help you. Apart from the technical knowledge, I advise you guys to follow the tips given in this Article.



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