How to Choose a Profitable Topic for Blogging in 2019 – Blog Niche hunting

It hardly matters if you are new to blogging or a pro, finding a good topic for your new blog is extremely important. In technical terms, the “topic” or “category” is called “Niche.” If you read my last Article, I clearly mentioned that to be a successful blogger you should write on the Topic you are interested in. However, it is not necessary that the topic of your interest is going to be profitable.

Choosing Profitable Blog Ideas – Blog Niche Finding (Updated 2019)

So, how to Find Profitable Topic for Blogging then. I call this Process -“Blog Niche Hunting.” Throughout this Article, I am explaining the techniques that you can use to Find a Good Topic for your Blog in 2019.

If you are reading this Article, I assume that you have at least little idea of blogging and how it works. You do understand the importance of Finding a Profitable Niche for Blogging.

Here are some points that you should Consider before Starting Niche Hunting

✅Blog Topic or Blog Idea is the very first step in the blogging journey. Your success depends on the Topic that you choose.

✅Choosing a Right Blog Ensures that you are going in the right path and success will surely come along.

✅You Should always select a Blog Topic that seems interesting to you. This will ensure that you can work on your blog for a more extended period.

✅Even if some topics seem tedious at first, don’t simply ignore them. Do some research on your own and maybe after understanding it you like that particular subject.

✅When starting out, Don’t choose highly competitive Niche. Try to target the broader version of such topics.

How to Choose Blog Topic – Blogging Niche Hunting 2019

According to me, a Good blog Topic is a Combination of these Two Factors:

  • Your Passion
  • The popularity of the Topic

Both of these should go along. You should select a Niche that is of your Interest, and it should be a popular niche too. Because if you write passionately about any particular topic and it is not popular, nobody is going to read. So, before starting make sure that you balance both of the factors mentioned above.

Proven Techniques to Find Profitable Blogging Topics:

☑Using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool: Google Adwords is Google’s advertisement system. We will discuss more about it later on, but right now we are going to use a tool that is part of Google Adwords. It is known as the Google Keyword Planner. We can use this tool to find the right blogging topics. Let’s get Started :

how to find new blog topic

  • Then, Click on “Find New Keywords” Link
  • Now, in the Search box type, any topic of your interest & hit the “Get Started” Button. For example – “Foldable Smartphones.”

Note: You can Enter more that one keyword

  • Now, you will see Various Suggestions related to the main Term that you entered. You will see various tabs like “Average Monthly Searches”, “Competition” etc. According to me, a Good topic is the one with Low or Medium Competition and Average Monthly Searches Greater than 1000.


  • Taking into account the image above, “Samsung Galaxy Fold” is a great term. You can create a blog on this topic.

☑Using Autocomplete Feature of Google Search

I am pretty sure that you have used the Autocomplete feature of Google Search. This Feature can help you to find New Blog Ideas. Let’s Find out how.

  • Go to
  • Now, Start Typing a few words related to the topic of your interest.
  • Suppose the topic of your interest is “Foldable Phone”. Type this in Search Box

google autocomplete topic find

  • You will see various suggestions related to your main topic

These Suggestions indicate that people use these search terms. You can make use of this feature.

Note: Before finalizing any topic using this technique, you should also search-related keyword using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool as mentioned in the section above

☑Use Quora to Find Profitable Niche

Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions. This leading platform is gaining more and more popularity. You can find New Blog Ideas using Quora, here is how:

  • Go to and Create an account
  • Navigate to the Category of your Interest

Once there, Scroll through the questions asked

  • Try to Find Questions that are similar or commonly asked.

Note: Focus on the questions with lots of Answers. This Indicate that the asked question is popular.

  • Don’t miss the “Related Questions” Section

If you focus on the image above – Mobile Phone Data Recovery is a Good Idea for Blog. There are 100+ Answers to this particular question. Also, there are lots of related issues. You can continue your research on this Topic using Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Autocomplete.

Using this Technique, you can find lots of Profitable Blog Ideas.

☑Using “Flippa” to Discover New Content Ideas: Flippa is a website where people can buy or sell businesses, Blogs & Mobile Applications. You can use Flippa for your own profit. By analyzing listed blogs for sale, you can get an idea for your new blog. Let’s Find out how?

When People list their blogs for sale on, they share critical details like Blog Topic, Monthly Income & Number of Visitors who visit their blog. By Closely looking at these aspects, you will surely get various ideas of your new blog.

  • Go to and Sign up for New Account
  • Now, Login into your Account & Go to Assets>>Starter Sites

  • Use the “Filters” Section to filter the results
  • Enter the Keyword of your Interest in “Keyword” Section & Select Asset Type as “Website.”

Note: You can make more adjustments yourself

  • Finally, Hit the Search Button to Find websites listed for sale

  • Now carefully, navigate through the Search Results
  • Inspect all the listings and look for opportunities
  • Once you found a Blog that Generates Good Monthly Income, see more details like Niche, Monthly Visitors, etc.
  • If the result looks promising enough, you can start your blog on the Same Topic.


Using Free Tools to Explore Blog Ideas:

✓Google Trends: Google Trends is search trends feature that shows how frequently a given search term is entered into Google’s search engine. You can Use this tool to find new blog ideas. Here is how to get Started :

  • Visit Google Trends at

Blog Niche Hunting 2019

  • Enter the Search Term of your Choice

  • Now, you will See related Search terms below

Note: You have the Option to Select your Preferrable Country & Timeline

✓Alexa Rank: Alexa website provides Alexa Rank to the Websites or blogs. Lesser the Alexa Rank better is the blog. To find a Profitable Niche, you need to Analyze Highly ranked Websites on Alexa. Top websites on Alexa are Google, Facebook, etc. We can’t compete with such sites, so according to me, you should start investigating websites with Alexa Rank from 300+ onwards. Here is the Process :

Find Blogging Topic

  • Select your Country or the Country you want to Target
  • Start Looking through the list of top websites
  • See what popular sites are
  • Skip popular websites like Google, Facebook, etc. Look for Blogs.

Note: To Access the complete list, you might need to Sign up for Free Trial Account

✓Majestic Million: Alexa only Displays top 500 websites currently. Earlier they used to Display Top Million Websites, now this feature is not available. However, Good news is that other company, i.e., Majestic Provides Top Million Websites list that also totally free. You can Download the Majestic Millions sites list as CSV file and look for favorite blogs and get the idea from there.

As you are new to blogging, I highly recommend you to spend quality time on research. Choosing the Right Blog topic is extremely important. If you devote time to research and come up with a unique and profitable Subject, you already achieved a 50% success. Next 50% depends on how to do you manage your blog. You should use all the techniques given in the Article. I am sure you will succeed. 

Feel Free to Ask your Doubts in the comments section below. All the Best!


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